iWW II Christmas Card
1944 Christmas Card
The inside of the card reads:

XIX Corps U.S. Army

The Meuse River was the last obstacle between us and Germany.  Maastricht is the oldest town in Holland.  It, like Trier, was an outpost of the Roman Empire.  On the site of a Roman wooden bridge, "pons Meuse", the foundations of the present "Maasbrug" were laid in 1280, it was restored in 1683; altered in 1932, destroyed by the Dutch Army on May 10, 1940 to slow up the German advance, repaired in 1942; blown up by the Germans on 13 Sept 1944 and repaired as shown by XIX Corps on 30 September 1944.

The original card was from Mr Warren Jensen who donated it to the WW II museum in New Orleans, LA along with other items he had in his possesion.
Mr Palmer Novetti had color copies made and sent them to all his brothers in arms  that served with him. He was kind enough to make a copy and mail it to me
so I could display it here on this website
This Christmas card was given to the soldiers to send home in 1944